Sell Your Home in the Tri-Cities

When you’re selling your home, price, condition and exposure are the most important factors to take into consideration, especially in a down market. The A Team will help you walk through these factors to ensure you sell your home for the best possible price with the least amount of stress possible.



When calculating an asking price, we look at both the appraisal and a comparative market analysis. Together, we calculate a reasonable selling price based on the current market. It’s important that the asking price isn’t so high that it might turn away prospective buyers, or so low that you don’t receive fair compensation.



Cosmetic defects, out-of-date décor and obvious repairs can impact whether or not you receive an offer on your home. Make sure that all defects and repairs are completed prior to listing your home and that your décor is as up-to-date as possible. If necessary, put away outdated items and declutter your home. When buyer competition is low, buyers will be particular about their new home and they may be turned off by appearances—even if your home is the cream of the crop. The better the condition of your house in relation to your asking price, the faster it will sell.



Marketing is probably the most important consideration when selling a home. Your house could be in great condition and fairly priced, but if no one knows it’s on the market, you won’t receive any offers. The A Team uses a variety of marketing resources to draw attention to your home—newspaper advertising, Internet marketing, Multiple Listing Service and more. We also have great relationships with area agents through professional organizations, providing us with an extensive network of prospective buyers.


Give us a call today and we will get you on the road to selling your home.